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TeachGeek Setup & Install

Setup and Install

Need on demand tech help getting updated and upgraded to the latest and greatest?Let TeachGeek come to the rescue to get your tech life setup and installed! Cut out that lengthy time and stress of plugging in and backing up. Enhance your quality of life with Cloud Services like Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, or Google Drive. Polish your Email life with an upgrade from AOL to Google or iCloud. Our Geeks will setup everything including: Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, etc. Tie up those loose ends by having our team setup your Comcast or ATT wifi!

Smart Home

Have you purchased any new smart home products and still don’t know how they all work? Our Geeks are here to help! Your own personal geek can setup and teach you how to operate any of these devices listed below. Get your home in the new technology age!


Wireless Internet

A wifi network gives you access to the internet. Without it, you can’t view your email or any website. If you are having some issues with your wireless network, request your own personal geek to setup your wifi. We will get you back online fast!


They can be a hassle, let us help!

Request your own personal geek to connect a wireless printer to all your devices. You’ll be printing, scanning, and copying in no time


Call TeachGeek when you purchase a new computer. We make it easy for you to setup email, software, and anything else for your new device. Our personal setup services guarantee that you’ll have everything working at the end of your session. If you need extra help figuring out your new device, take a look at our training services!

Mobile Devices

Stay mobile!

Personalize your device to fit your specific needs. We provide an excellent setup service to guide you through downloading the best apps, signing into your email accounts, connecting you to social media, and more. Request your personal geek to get you through your mobile device makeover!

New Device Setup

Including Data Transfer

Bought a new phone or tablet? Don’t know where to start? Take a deep breath in and reach out to TeachGeek and we will make your setup process easy. Your own personal geek can transfer your information, login to your email accounts, download all of your apps, and guide you through any questions you may have.

Updates & Upgrades

It’s time to give your computer a check-up. Software update pop-ups taking over? Get a geek to update your computer. Updating can clear space in your device’s memory and hard drive and will enhance your computer’s performance and longevity.

Cleanup and Organization

It’s time to give your computer a check-up. TeachGeek will help get your sick computer back to normal health. Files and downloads everywhere? Messy desktop? No worries! Call TeachGeek to organize that messy computer closet!

Get started today! Our Geeks will make everything just work.

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