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On-Demand Tech Help & Business Consulting Services

One-To-One Care:

TeachGeek Techs ang Geeks

Looking for home or office on-demand tech help to the home? No worries! Call TeachGeek and we’ll send out one of our expert geeks to come help you with any technology needs you may have.

On-Demand Virtual Tech Help & Remote Support:

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TeachGeek can still provide the same on-demand tech support virtually & assist our clients in need of computer training & IT issues. Get setup with Zoom and Teamviewer and we’ll be there in seconds!

Virtual Assistance:

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Using a VA can shave hours from your work week, whether you’re starting or growing a business. They can make calls or send out thank you cards. Let our consultants find the right VA to help delegate smaller tasks so you can continue growing your business. 

File Cleanup & Organization:

 Organized desktop and work environment

File clutter on your desktop or email organization driving you nuts? How about those thousands of unorganized emails, documents, and photos? Declutter old junk and let us help you get your computer “closet” cleaned up & organized!

Updates & Upgrades:

Get a geek to update your computer. Updating can clear space in your device’s memory & hard drive and will enhance your computer’s performance.

Virtual Home Office Setup:

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Work from home! We’ll get you & your team set up virtually with ease. Whether you normally meet in office or handle sales in person, we can help you get online & virtual. 

CRM (Client Relations Management) Systems:

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We can set up and train you on the right CRM system to keep your customer details in order, while managing schedules, payment processing, & more. A one-stop-shop for all your client management needs.

Cloud Systems & Backups

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With Cloud and file storage systems, you can do both. Backup all your data and simultaneously work on files with anyone. Sync across all devices so you can access files & photos from anywhere, while preventing the loss of priceless files.

Computer Spa & Optimization:

Been a while since you gave your computer a boost & optimization? We can do a maintenance session to get your computer running faster, smoother, and more efficiently. No need to buy a new one, just yet. 

Consulting Services & Brainstorming Sessions:

Man and Woman Discussing And Sharing Ideas

Perhaps you are stuck on ideas on how to “level up” your business. Maybe you need a brainstorming or consulting session on how to get your business ideas in motion. Our top business technology consultants will help guide you in the right direction. 

System Upgrades & Software Updates:

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With systems & softwares evolving on a daily basis,upgrades can be confusing and frustrating. Have one of our techs help you through these challenging times and ensure a seamless transition.

Project Management Systems:

project management tools

These systems are a means of managing one or many projects by planning & organizing. They can assist in many areas while syncing for team collaboration. Turn post-it notes & white boards into virtual organizers and take them with you.

Online Security & Malware Protection:

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Malware attacking you? Our consultants can help prevent your precious online data from being compromised or worse. Get applications & extensions that will protect you and your business from malicious cyber attacks.

Creative Presentations & Documents:

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Looking to spruce up your TED Talks presentation or create some hip & inviting flyers for your upcoming workshop? Bring your company back to life with dynamic and interactive presentations & documents to give your company that extra pizazz. 

Online Presence, Websites, & Content Creation:

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Websites & social media branding are of the utmost importance for your business’s online presence. Let our creative technology consultants and partners (Web designers, bloggers, & content creators) make your online presence shine!

On-Demand In-home Tech Help & Computer Training Services

Get your own personal geek and learn how to use your Mac or PC. Each session is customized to fit your needs.

Is something not working on your computer? Not to worry, our geeks are certified to repair and diagnose any issue.

Bought a new computer? Need your information transferred? One of our Geeks can get all of your important documents, photos and other files transferred.

If you are having issues with your wireless network request your own personal geek to setup wifi. We will get you online fast!

We will guide you through all your mobile device questions right in the comfort of your own home.

Get a geek to update your computer. Updating can clear space in your device’s memory & hard drive and will enhance your computer’s performance.

Connect your printer to all of your devices. You’ll be printing, scanning, and making copies in no time.

Have you purchased any new smart home products and don’t know how they all work? Our geeks are here to help!

Don’t let all those cables confuse you. Get your own personal geek to organize and set up your home entertainment system.

Get started today! Our geeks will make everything just work.

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