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Smart Home Technology

Let Teach Geek handle your smart home technology shopping!

Personal Shopping

Not sure what phone, tablet, or computer to get? Not sure about which Smart Home products to buy for your home. TeachGeek can guide you through your all of your Smart Home & Personal Tech Shopping needs! Our geeks will teach you about the online world of shopping malls from Amazon to Chewy.com. We will consult you on Smart Home products such as Smart Things, Hue bulbs lighting, and Apple’s Homekit and then install, customize, and even teach you how to get acclimated with your new smart home toys! Get your retail therapy by using our services at TeachGeek and get ready to choose, purchase and setup your newest device!

Home entertainment

Don’t let all those cables confuse you. Get your personal geek to organize and set up your home entertainment systems. We can connect any of your Smart TV ‘s or any smart device to your wireless network and sign you into all of the corresponding applications. Too many remotes? Let us consolidate all of those remotes for you and you’ll be watching TV in no time!

Gadgets & Cameras

Grab your cameras and have us guide you through the tricky process of setup, formatting, uploading, and editing your favorite pictures. Don’t waste time trying to figure it out yourself when our geeks can help you upload and print everything. But don’t stop there…we also specialize in helping you pick out the latest gadgets that can enhance your home or health!

Get started today! Our geeks will make everything just work.

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